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Back to the Future

Like every child of the 80s I hold a deep fascination with this movie. Back to the Future was the first time travel movie I remember seeing and it certainly made the concept exciting by exposing the dangers of paradoxes. Regardless of how much the concept of temporal mechanics was glossed over, the movie is so great you can't help but love it.

I really love the cast in the movie, and think they all did an amazing job. Michael J. Fox makes a wonderful hero; Christopher Lloyd plays a typical crazy man, but does it very well; Lea Thompson makes me swoon with her innocent, yet rebellious ways; Crispin Glover is a perfect whipping boy; and Tom Wilson is a perfect dim-witted bully.

The trilogy takes you through time as you watch the adventures of Marty McFly get caught up in some of the most bizarre paradoxes ever imagined (read: probable incest). By accidentally traveling back in time he has caused a change in his own history that may very well blink him out of existence.