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Atsushi Fujimori is a graphic artist who worked at Newtopia Planning in the late 1980s. I haven't been able to find out much about him. MobyGames implies that, after disappearing from the video game industry in 1987, he returned in 2015 at Sony Interactive Entertainment as a paralegal, but I doubt this is the same person.

When I first saw it, I really liked the character art in the NES port of Ultima: Exodus. Years later, when I became more interested in the video game industry, I discovered that the game's artist was Atsushi Fujimori. After researching him, I discovered that he only worked at Newtopia Planning, which only made a handful of games, and Fujimori is only credited in two of them.


Atsushi Fujimori is only credited in two games.

Released Title Contribution
1987-10-09 Ultima: Exodus (NES, MSX) Drew all new graphics for the game.
1987-12-26 Attack Animal Gakuen (Famicom) Credited as "visual design."


Ultima: Exodus