Arkandian Legends: Chapter I - Crusade

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Arkandian Crusade is



  • I like how the combat lets you choose what level of attack you want to risk.
  • The weapon prefixes adds a lot of variety to the game.
  • The paperdoll clothing system is very fanciful.
  • The ability to choose good or evil from an early stage is kind of nice.
  • The defense missions are a nice change of pace.
  • The constant skill increases are nice and give you constant positive feedback.


  • The combat icons have no tool tip, so they're often left unknown.
  • The store doesn't upgrade its items, so it becomes pretty useless after a few missions.
  • Other than grinding stats, I couldn't see a use for the defend action during combat.
  • Even with the various weapons, armor, and items, there is a strong sameness to the whole game.
  • The sort order of items in your backpack is obnoxious.
  • The inability of monsters to move makes them seem really superfluous when they're not placed in your way.
  • Nearly all missions lack bosses, which makes beating them rather underwhelming.


  • While there is a story, the vast majority of the game feels like you're just min/maxing and clicking a mouse button as things happen. There is practically no emotional involvement at all.
  • Death has practically no down-side, just a minor cost of having to pay travel expenses again.