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Arkandian Legends 1 - WEB - Playing.png|In combat.
Arkandian Legends 1 - WEB - Playing.png|In combat.
* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzq_waYwZNk youtube.com/watch?v=bzq_waYwZNk] - Longplay

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Title screen.

Arkandian Legends: Chapter I - Crusade is a turn-based casual Web browser RPG developed in Flash by Undefined and published, as far as I can tell, on Kongregate in 2010. The overworld map uses a point-and-click interface which allows you to travel to new mission locales. Missions use tile-based movement and fog of war. When you enter combat, the display switches to a side-view.


I have beaten this game twice, both as a good character. In my most complete run, I finished every mission and made it through several levels of the unending dungeon.


  • Overall: 4/10
  • Best Version: Flash


  • The constant skill increases are nice and give you constant positive feedback.
  • The paperdoll clothing system is very fanciful.
  • I like how the combat lets you choose what level of attack you want to risk.
  • The weapon prefixes adds a lot of variety to the game.
  • The ability to choose good or evil from an early stage is kind of nice.
  • The defense missions are a nice change of pace from regular combat.
  • Item crafting is a fun side-project.


  • Even with the various weapons, armor, and items, there is a strong sameness to the whole game.
  • Nearly all missions lack bosses, which makes beating them rather underwhelming.
  • The auto sorting of items in your backpack is obnoxious.
  • The store doesn't upgrade its items, so it becomes pretty useless very early in the game.
  • The weapons and armor aren't very thematic. A wizard can wear full plate armor without any decrease to their skills.
  • All weapons, including polearms and bows, are treated as 1-handed allowing the character to still wield a huge shield.
  • The inability of monsters to move makes them seem really superfluous when they're not placed directly in your way.
  • It's stupid that you can't cast heal outside of combat.
  • Some of the anachronistic clothes are cute, but a lot of them kind of ruin the high-fantasy vibe.
  • The random prefixes often don't make sense, like adding a piercing buff to pants, or alchemy mixing increase to a bow.
  • Item crafting is entirely unnecessary to beat the game. It should have been incorporated more.
  • Other than grinding defensive stats, I couldn't see a use for the defend action during combat.
  • The combat status icons have no tool tip, so I didn't know what half of them meant.


  • While there is a story, the vast majority of the game feels like you're just min/maxing and clicking a mouse button as things happen. There is practically no emotional involvement at all.
  • Death has practically no down-side, just the minor cost of having to pay travel expenses again.