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Google Play title card.

Antiyoy is a turn-based strategy game of Medieval conquest for Android. You try to conquer all of the land in a randomly generated hex grid by building offensive units to invade and defensive units to protect.

I found this game on the Google Play Store in 2016 while looking for a new free game for my tablet.


The game is free. I've beaten the the full 70-level campaign mode.


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Best Version: 28%

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The interface is pretty simple and easy to work with.
  • The undo button helps you cope with poor touch screens.
  • The units are easily understood and visually distinct.


  • Even at its highest AI difficulty, the game never gets very hard.
  • The graphics are pretty bland, and there is no music.
  • There isn't very much variety in the units, just a linear progression.
  • The undo goes back too far, allowing you to fix mistakes you made dozens of moves ago.
  • I found towers to be overpriced and was able to beat all 70 levels of the campaign without ever building one. In fact, when I tried using them, I found that the AI would often skirt the rules and bypass them.
  • I don't like that you can't walk through your own farms or towns. I get that it was done to add to the game's strategy, but it doesn't make any thematic sense.
  • Because the knight cannot be defeated other than through starvation, it's possible to create a stalemate by blocking off a narrow pass and then never moving. In fact, it seems like the AI had to be programmed never to remain stagnant to avoid this because it often surrenders beneficial tiles.
  • The campaign mode is less of a campaign, and more of a series of randomly generated maps with an increasingly difficult AI without a story or theme. Also, the maps fail to take advantage of the game's mechanics. In my final campaign map, I began with two villages at the end of a long curving landmass, which I easily won. Had it started me in the middle of a circular landmass, surrounded by enemies, it would have been much harder.
  • The bounciness of the zoom is annoying. If you zoom to the max, it should just remain at the max.
  • It's unusual (and not thematic) for trees to be a liability rather than an asset.


  • Nothing.