Ancient Greek religion

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Ancient Greek religion refers to the unorganized religious beliefs practiced by the ancient Greeks until their decline in the later 300s CE. These religious beliefs strongly influenced the Roman religion and pretty much every other religion in Europe which came after, especially Christianity.


When I was a kid, I enjoyed Greek mythology because it was full of intrigue with the multitude of gods, magic, heroes, and monsters. As I became more of a devout Christian in my mid-teens, I viewed the ancient Greek religious beliefs as potentially harmful because they taught something other than Christianity, but wasn't too worried about it since I viewed it more as mythology which nobody actually believed in. After deconverting, my view of them changed once more to see it as the religion of ancient Greece that people most certainly did believe in, and with all its interesting stories, it still showcases just how awful humans can be to think up such barbarism.


Because the ancient Greek religion wasn't highly structured, there are no "official" scriptures, but rather many different writings which detail the religion's stories and beliefs.


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