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Alanis Morissette (c. 2012).

Alanis Nadine Morissette (born 1974-06-01), is a Canadian musician and actress. As a musician, she composes music, writes lyrics, sings, and plays several instruments including guitar.

I became aware of Alanis Morissette in 1995 after her third album Jagged Little Pill blew up the charts. I initially knew her from the songs Ironic, You Oughta Know, and One Hand In My Pocket, all of which I hated causing me to write her off as another talentless corporate pop star. However, around 2003 I was trying to expand my musical horizons and I was reassessing artists that I had previously dismissed. I downloaded several songs by Alanis and really liked Head Over Feet, Hands Clean, and I changed my mind on You Oughta Know. Shortly after that, I met my friend Kimberly at a Rilo Kiley concert, and she turned me on to a lot more of Morissette's more obscure music causing me to look into her more and discover that she's actually very talented and writes her own music which made me appreciate her more. Kimberly and I eventually saw Alanis in concert together. I have since become a much bigger fan of Alanis, but I still don't like Ironic or One Hand In My Pocket.


Released Title Rating Own
1991-04-06 Alanis
1992-08-01 Now Is the Time
1995-06-13 Jagged Little Pill 2 Yes
1998-11-03 Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie 1 Yes
2002-02-26 Under Rug Swept 3 Yes
2004-05-18 So-Called Chaos 4 Yes
2008-06-10 Flavors of Entanglement 5
2012-08-28 Havoc and Bright Lights 6


This is a list of some of my favorite songs by Alanis Morissette. For all her songs, see Alanis Morissette Songs.



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