Air-Sea Battle

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2600 box art.

Air-Sea Battle, also known as Target Fun, is a single-screen multi-player shooter developed by Larry Kaplan and published by Atari in 1977 for the Atari 2600.

My family had this game as part of a large collection of Atari games we got at a garage sale in the mid 1980s.


I own this game. It doesn't have a typical ending (each game has a time limit), but I suppose you could count it a victory if you can reaching 99 points in a particular variation.


  • Overall: 2/10
  • Best Version: Atari 2600


  • I like the use of gradient backgrounds to simulate distance.


  • Aiming is pretty clunky.
  • Although you can pretty much tell what everything is supposed to be, the graphics are pretty bad.
  • The game features no music, and the sound is pretty grating.
  • Every game has a fixed time limit of 2 minutes 16 seconds.
  • While the game claims to feature a computer-controlled player, it really just fires continuously without attempting to aim.


  • Despite boasting 27 different games, they're all variations on the same theme, and they all get boring very quickly.

Box Art