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Adventure is a fun adventure game for the Atari 2600. This is one of the first video games I ever played (around age 6), although it wasn't until my teens that I beat it on all difficulty levels. People often hail it as a pioneer game, and for console systems, it was, but like many people who fixate on consoles, they overlook the pioneering computer games that predate it on DEC and PLATO computer platforms. In fact, the game's developer, Warren Robinett, has explained that he wanted the game to be like Colossal Cave Adventure, but since the Atari didn't have the memory to handle enough text, he had to make it a more abstract graphical game. The awe this game caused in me combined with the quirkiness of the box art and game manual made this an instant favorite despite its flaws.


I have beaten all three levels, but I have yet to uncover the Easter egg.


Overall: 4/10


  • I like how the game world uses a non-Euclidean map system where you don't simply move from room-to-room, but rather warp around. This keeps the map unpredictable.
  • The pack bat is a very clever nemesis.
  • The use of the bridge and magnet is especially creative.
  • I like the fact that when the dragons eat you, you can be seen inside their bellies.
  • The game's Easter egg is a nice touch.


  • The pack bat, while clever, is really obnoxious to the point of throwing a joystick!
  • The dragons look like ducks. While this is funny, it takes away from the thrill of the game.
  • Level 3, rather than being harder than level 2, is just the same map with the starting position of the items randomized.
  • The mazes, while difficult at first, quickly become memorized.


  • The game is unfortunately very short. Even without any prior knowledge, you can sit down and beat all three difficulty levels in less than an hour. I understand that this is a constraint of the system, but it really hurts the game.