A Walk In the Woods

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First edition US hardcover.

A Walk In the Woods: Rediscovering America On the Appalachian Trail is a creative non-fiction book written by Bill Bryson and published in 1998. It recounts his adventures hiking the Appalachian Trail with his friend. In addition to the story, he also includes information about the trail, a history of the US Parks Service, and describes the flora and fauna often seen on the trail.


I do not own the book. I'm over halfway through an audio book.



  • The book is just hilarious; at least once a chapter I laughed out loud.
  • It's also very informative, not just about the trail, but also describing the successes and failures the US government has had with the National Park Service.
  • You couldn't find a better advertisement for the Appalachian Trail. It really makes you want to hike it.


  • I'm a bit disappointed that Bryson didn't hike the full trail, but then, he's still hike a hell of a lot more than I!


  • Nothing.