A Journey to the Center of the Earth

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A Journey to the Center of the Earth

Journey to the Center of the Earth, A - Hardcover - Unknown.jpg

Early hardcover publication, unknown year.

Author Jules Verne
Published 1965-08-??
Type Fiction
Genre Speculative Fiction
Themes Adventure, Speculative Fiction
Age Group Adult

A Journey to the Center of the Earth, also known as A Journey to the Interior of the Earth, is a pioneer speculative fiction adventure novel written by Jules Verne and published in 1864. The book is the third in the Extraordinary Voyages series. This book is in the public domain.

It chronicles the voyage of a team of scientific explorers who are trying to delve deeper into the earth than anyone has before.


Read?LibriVox audiobook read by various amateurs.

I read this book to better familiarize myself with early speculative fiction.




I found this to be quite dry. Also, since modern science has long since shown the entire story to be impossible, it requires a great suspension of disbelief to accept.


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