A Field Guide to the Wildlife of North America

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A Field Guide to the Wildlife of North America

Field Guide to the Wildlife of North America, A - Paperback - USA - 1st Edition.jpg

Paperback - USA - 1st edition.

Author Bryan Richard
Published 2006-??-??
Type Non-fiction
Genre Educational, Field Guide
Themes Biology, Wilderness, Zoology
Age Group Adult

A Field Guide to the Wildlife of North America is a field guide of North American wildlife with a brief description and large full-color photograph of over 170 animals. It was written by Bryan Richard and published in 2006.


Own?Flexibound, USA.
Read?Flexibound, USA.

I bought the flexibound version of this book, not just because it was on clearance and quite cheap, but also because of the beautiful photographs of each animal. I had leafed though it for years, but finally read it through cover-to-cover in 2017.





  • Over all, the book is pretty great. It's a good read and fun just to flip through.
  • The large photos of each animal are very useful and much better than a long description found in many less-visual guides.
  • The descriptions are full of interesting trivia for each animal.
  • The side notes include size and ways to distinguish the animal from similar looking species.
  • The binomial nomenclature is included for each animal.


  • The descriptions seem to only focus on the more interesting facts and are far from exhaustive. Sometimes they describe how the animal winters, sometimes not; sometimes they talk about reproduction, sometimes not. No doubt, it's a matter of space constraints, but I would gladly accept a smaller type size for more information.
  • With fewer than 180 animals and a range of the entire continent, it's not very useful for even an average hiker or explorer. Instead, it works more as a home reference book. It would have been nice to see a book for each region or state.


  • Nothing.