A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia

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North American box art.

A Boy and His Blob: Trouble On Blobolonia is a puzzle adventure game by David Crane. In the game, a blob-alien has come to Earth seeking help because his home world has been taken over by tyrant, but ends up befriending a little boy who feeds him jellybeans. The little boy must buy vitamins to help defeat the tyrant, but lacking money, he must first discover underground treasure.

The game gimmick is that, each flavor of jellybean fed to the blob causes it to assume the shape of a related object. Feed the blob a cola flavored jellybean, and he morphs into a giant bubble the boy can ride in; feed him a cinnamon flavored jellybean, and he becomes a blowtorch; and so forth. These shapes will help you get past the various hazards you'll find underground and on the blob's home world of Blobolonia.


I own the game and have beaten it.


Overall: 4/10


  • The game's theme is extremely clever. Having a sidekick that you can morph into various shapes to bypass puzzles and monsters is a great idea.
  • The use of actual photographs for background graphics was an interesting choice, and it give the game a nice ambiance.
  • The game has a lot of cartoon charm. Using holes to slip through the floor, trampolines that launch you into the sky, being able to slide off a cliff, but not fall, etc.
  • Crane did a great job assigning the flavors to various shapes. They either fit thematically or have a nice alliterative wording.


  • The graphics and music are pretty awful.
  • The game is far too short. I almost beat it the first time I played it.
  • I would have preferred a few more clever puzzles. Most of them are easily solved.


  • Nothing.