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3-2-1 Contact is a children's television program produced by the Children's Television Workshop which ran seven seasons from 1980-01-14 to 1988-11-18, and filmed 225 episodes. Each show uses a half-hour time slot and focuses on a single scientific topic. Topics would usually span of five episodes. Episodes would also include a children's detective program called The Bloodhound Gang in which the child investigators would use science to expose criminals. 3-2-1 Contact was also released as a magazine.


I remember watching 3-2-1 Contact on PBS when I was around five or six-years-old, and I continued to watch it for as long as my local PBS stations aired it. As the youngest child, I almost never had control over which shows we would watch on our TV, so I never watched it regularly, but, when my mother or aunt were concerned about us kids watching too many cartoons, they would often leave the TV on PBS. I don't remember many episodes, but I've always been fascinated by science, and I'm sure this show fed that fascination. I also remember loving The Bloodhound Gang even though I could never see a full story arc. My mother bought me a subscription to the 3-2-1 Contact magazine when I was around seven-years-old which I think I had for a couple of years.


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