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I know what you've all been thinking... Why hasn't TheAlmightyGuru created a Webcast yet? Reading the stupid rants on his web page just isn't enough; I want to hear his annoying nasal voice read his rants to me! Well, you're in luck! After dumping some money into cheap recording equipment and figuring out how to use some audio editing software, I've created my very first Webcast. The audio program is presented to you in patented AmateurSoundô, featuring all the pops an hisses of a cheap-ass recording.

Each Webcast is available in several audio formats for your listening pleasure. If you're not sure about which format you should download then just use MP3. For those of you who aren't so hearing inclined you may view a transcript of the audio program. The transcript also features useful links to my sources.



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Episode 1 - 2007/08/27
Contains a geek rant on Podcasts, a useless fact about centipedes, an Ask A Guru - Personals Edition, and headlines about NetAlert's useless porn filter.