Tribe is a simple turn-based strategy game based on the Paleolithic Era of Earth's history. I decided that it would be neat to make a game of this nature after watching the movie "Quest For Fire". The objective of the game is to start with a very small tribe of early human ancestors and--through good leadership, discovery of skills, and a lot of luck--make a thriving tribe capable of surviving the elements.

The game is being written in Free BASIC.

2009/01/06 - [Download]


  • Arrow keys move you around the map.
  • Use the mouse to click on objects like camps and tribe members.
  • If you have a tribe member selected, the arrow keys move him.
  • Clicking on the mini map will move you to that area of the map.
  • ESC ends the demo.


  • Reads map data from ./Maps/Map.dat.
  • Images are read from the ./Images folder.
  • Fonts are read from the ./Fonts folder.
  • Terrain names are read from the ./Data/Tiles.txt file.
  • The minimap is dynamically generated from the map.
  • The map can be altered using the mapgen.exe program. ESC saves and quits. Left and right mouse buttons in the swatch area will assign a tile to each button to draw on the map with. Currently, the selected tile isn't displayed in a friendly way.
  • Tribe members and camps are randomly generated around the map.
  • Fog of war is uncovered as you move tribe members around, but it doesn't turn off automatically.