One thing I'm very good at is not finishing my projects. It's not because I'm lazy, but because I begin working on something else. Thus I am locked in a never ending process of creating more and more unfinished projects. Rather then just let them sit on my hard drive or in a notebook I've decided to put them online for everyone in the world to mock. All of my projects are distributed as freeware to the public. Which means you can do practically whatever you want with them. Play them, give them away, print them out and use them as bird cage liner, etc. If you want to alter them feel free to do so, just make sure you e-mail me and let me see the modifications. I'm sure I'd love to see them. - TheAlmightyGuru

Dar Dar

Dar's Revenge

Dar's Revenge is a clone of the 1981 Atari 2600 game called Yar's Revenge, with several added features. It uses DirectQB v1.61 for its speedy graphics. In this game you play an insect named Dar who is on a mission to destroy all the daemons in the universe. However, smart bombs, fireballs, and rockets, as well as the daemons themselves, try to kill you. I took the original version, and added to it a large amount of upgrades. In the original game, there were no fireballs or rockets. The daemon (called a Qotile in Yar's Revenge) could only become mildly more intelligent. Mine forever gets smarter. Of course, this doesn't make the game better than the original, just different.

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Yar's Revenge Images: Cartridge - Screen Shot

Fact tidbit: The original game was designed by Howard Scott Warshaw. He also designed E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, and an unpublished game, whose engine would later power the game: The A-Team. If he ever comes across this game I would like to hear his comments. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Download Dar's Revenge


Deadly Burgers! Cosmic Cookies! Picnic Bugs! Radial Tires! Diamond Rings! Steam Irons! Bow Ties! Space Dice!

Megamania, is a clone of Megamania! (Clever, I know.) This game was made in 1983 by Activision. Some day I'll give this game a different name, but as for now it's just Megamania. In this game you play a dream ship who is being attacked by the weirdest things of outer space. Such as: Deadly Burgers, Cosmic Cookies, Picnic Bugs, Radial Tires, Diamond Rings, Steam Irons, Bow Ties, and Space Dice. You must fight your way past all of the guardians of the evil alien overlord, and confront him to the death! Bwa ha ha! Well, have fun. I added a bit of a story line to this game, as well as an end boss. (Something the original never had.) My favorite part of my remake is that I made the game so two players could play at the same time! I also added several new enemies.

Screen Shots: 1 - 2
Megamania Images: Cartridge - Screen Shot

Download Megamania

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