Your Spirit Color

Ever want to know what color your spirit is? Now, thanks to the mystical power of the Internet, you can! We've interviewed gurus and holy persons all across the globe to bring you this revolutionary device that actually looks into your spirit through the World Wide Web and takes a test tiny sample of your spirit (the process is completely painless). Using powerful patent-pending new technology that is the product of centuries of arcane research, we are able to convert your spirit into a physical manifestation of light to produce color!

Will your spirit appear to be a fiery red, a placid blue, or perhaps a charcoal black? What are you waiting for? Just simply type your full name below and click the button to see your True Colors!

Note: Because of the nature of spirit coloration, your browser must allow JavaScript to run. Also, 24 bit color is preferred for optimal spirit color viewing appreciation.

Type your full name, and press the button

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