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This is my random fantasy item generator. It will randomly generate an item using prefixes and suffixes similar to the old Might & Magic method. (Which was also used by Diablo) It's been upgraded considerably from it's original method. There is now a luck bonus you can add to get better items. Right now the luck bonus effects the items rarity, and what it's made out of. (i.e. daggers are common, flambergs are rare; copper is common, mithiril is rare) The prefixes and suffixes are still totally random. There is still a problem with with material chances, as you still have an equal chance of getting a mithiril item as a copper item with 0% luck. I have fully eliminated weird items now, so you will no longer see leather gems. Any item that doesn't make sense, is now supposed to be there. I have now added jewels to the jewelry section! I -still- have several ideas for making this much better, and they will most likely be implemented soon. (See below) All the Java code is visible, so feel free to copy it.

Future plans
Rarity suffixes/prefixes (of Power is better than of Strength, etc.)
Negative luck (for curses)
Automatically calculate the item combinations
Allow for multiple items to be generated at the same time.