Space Mission Alpha 0.9a

You will need the latest Java to run this applet. You can get it here

2004/02/25 - This the third alpha release of "Space Mission Alpha". Most of the same controls apply to this version as the last. Your ship is controlled with the arrow keys. 'Spacebar' fires your weapon, 'B' shoots a bomb, and 'P' pauses the game. There are four weapon types: Rapid Fire (red), Laser (cyan), Power Gun (blue), and Spread (green). There are several bonuses: Star (bonus points), Shield (shield restore), 1 Up (bonus ship), Bomb (extra bomb), Crystal (invincibility), Flash Bomb (kills all enemies).

The new functionaility in this version includes sound for the weapons, a couple new enemies, a new wave, improved graphics, slightly faster engine, and I evened out the guns so spread is no longer by far the best weapon. I also fixed a bug that allowed you to shoot faster than you should.

There is still a lot of work left to do on the game. The engine needs to be much faster, it needs more sounds and some music, and how can you have a space shooter without bosses?

Download the Source