Space Mission Alpha 0.8a

05/23/2003 - This the second alpha release of "Space Mission Alpha". An alpha version mean's the program is still being developed. There currently isn't any in-game documentation, so here's how it works. Your ship is controlled with the arrow keys. 'Spacebar' fires your weapon, 'B' shoots a bomb, and 'P' pauses the game. There are four weapon types: Rapid Fire (red), Laser (cyan), Power Gun (blue), and Spread (green). There are several bonuses: Star (bonus points), Shield (shield restore), 1 Up (bonus ship), Bomb (extra bomb), Crystal (invincibility), Flash Bomb (kills all enemies). I've attempted to clean up the loading of data in this version, so the program may take a little longer to load, but it should now run at a constant speed once it's running. There are a whole bunch of improvements in this version. Several new enemies, smarter AI, better ship handling, and premade levels. Right now there are only six waves, so after wave six the game ends. I'll have many more waves and end bosses in the next release. You may also notice the game running a bit slow on your computer. As of now, I haven't really done any work to optimize the game, I've been too concerned with getting it working. The next release should be much faster though. Good luck!

Download the Source