Perspective - Body Piercing

First let me explain that I'm not against body piercing. If a person wants to wear earrings, go for it. If a person wants to put a bar-bell through their eyebrow/tongue/cheek, have at it. I don't feel it's evil or bad to pierce your body.

With that said I will now explain my perspective on body piercing.

Body piercing has always been used as a form of aiding to physical appearance. There are some cultures where the people pierce their ears and then shove large wooden disks into the holes to continue to stretch them several inches to make them look sexy. In other cultures, the people may spear their cheeks with sharp sticks. This is supposed to make the person more attractive to the others of his or her culture. How it came to a point where shoving sticks in your face is considered sexy is a mystery to me.

Our society functions in the same way, but with a twist. Yes, we still pierce our bodies for its sexual appeal, but we also do it for its rebellious nature. Putting twenty safety pins in your ears is rarely considered attractive on its own, but it gives you the whole "rebel" look, which many people find attractive. Sadly, like all things used for sexual appeal, it becomes the object that is attractive not the true person. Thusly, body piercing is similar to a sports car, an Italian suit, or a Rolex watch. It's not practical, it's just used for its looks.

A major problem with body piercing is, like all things used for physical attractiveness, it becomes a competition. People who are into cars try to buy the fastest, most expensive car. People who are into body piercing try to put bigger holes into more vital areas of the body. Piercing your earlobe is just cartilage. Piercing your tongue, or lip can cause very bad infections, even to the point where you might need surgery, yet people still do it. Some people have even gone as far as to pierce their genitalia. It makes me wonder; why would anyone go as far as to cause themselves serious pain, as well possible permanent damage to their body? Is it just for sex appeal? I think there is another reason.

Body piercing holds no practical purpose aside from modifying your appearance. Thusly, it's not much different than wearing a designer cologne, getting the latest haircut, or wearing the popular jeans. People pierce themselves because it's popular, because they want to fit in to their culture. However, the majority of people who I have talked to will totally deny it. It is often the people who pierce themselves the most who hate conforming to what is popular. They will come up with many reason to try and prove that they pierced themselves for a totally unique reason. This is usually defense mechanism to fight back from being "labeled".

Why is it important to have to look different? Being an individual is important, but looking unique is pointless. Does it really matter if you look like other people? There are several billion people in the world, chances are you look like a while bunch of other people. Why must you alter your appearance to look different? How far would you go? Would you cut off a limb? Split your tongue? Slice your chest open? These are questions I often ask people when the body piercing topic comes up. Most people have a certain degree as to where they will stop, but some people never feel it's enough, and want to continue to pierce every section of their body until it's just a lump of dead skin. Hopefully, the "dead skin" look will never become popular, but our culture is always changing.

I'm not trying to sound holier-than-thou. Piercing is part of my culture, I accept that, and I do find some piercing attractive. I have no right to judging people as to what degree they enjoy body piercing. I personally don't have any piercings, I don't see a logical point to doing it, nor do I find piercing on men attractive. But then, that's just my perspective. To each his/her own.