Perspective - Anime

Just a Joke

Anime is the Japanese style of animated cartoons that encompasses several sub-styles of Japanese animation. Although it's been seen in Western culture for decades now it has recently become very popular. It is similar in theory to western animation, but very different in content. The budget for anime films are also considerably lower than its Western counterpart. Although there are a few anime cartoons that I enjoy, as a whole I personally do not like anime. Here are the reasons as to why I don't like them. The following reasons are not absolute and vary by anime, but they fit the majority.

Anatomy - The human anatomy in anime is rarely close to real human anatomy. It's obvious that an anime human is supposed to represent a normal human, but the dimensions are very miscalculated. In most characters, the eyes and heads are way too large. The mouth's and noses are too small, if they're even drawn at all. The women's legs are too long and their breasts are either perfect or enormous. The men are usually overly blocky, or if they're musclear they have considerably more muscles than a human can have.

Animation - Fluid animation is achieved at around 30 animated frames-per-second. Anime ranges from around 5 to as low as 1 frame-per-second. This makes all the motions of every moving object look jagged and robotic instead of fluid like real life. There are often many times when the same animation is used with a different background to save money. You will also see sections where a three or four frame background is used in a very fast loop, over and over because there isn't enough time or money to draw a proper background.

Dubbing - I understand that for those people who don't speak Japanese and who dislike reading subtitles, this is a necessary evil. However, when the dubbing process is put into an anime, it is usually done very poorly with terrible voice actors.

Hair - In the off chance that an anime character has hair in even a semi-normal color (as opposed to pink, blue, green, etc.) they usually have it cut in a way that even with all the hair spray in the world, it wouldn't stay in the way they wear it.

Fashion - Most anime characters wear clothes that are so impractical they would have no chance of staying on properly. This element is added for the sole reason to make the characters look sexy and cool.

Lip Sync - In real life, the lips and tongue must move in different ways to get different sounds so that we can articulate our words. Because anime has such a low animation quality, it's a binary system of open and close. This just makes the people less life-like, and thus, less important.

Long Winded Speeches - This happens in practically every action type anime. When a big conflict is happening and a major scene is about to occur, one character will often shout out a huge long winded speech that can take several minutes, while the person they are getting attacked by cheerfully waits for them to finish before continuing the attack. And most of the time the end result of their speech has no effect.

Plot - There are a huge amount of anime that follow nearly identical plots. Most of them follow a set pattern of good versus evil that has been played to death. The more racy anime uses similar plots amongst themselves, but involves much more adult content, bordering close to hentai (Japanese animated pornography).

Shouting - This is probably the most annoying aspect of anime to me. For some reason in anime, people feel the need to always shout very loud for no important reason, even for the typical trivial events of the day. Imagine if this practice was used in real life, it would drive most people insane.

You'll notice the majority of my reasons as to why I don't like anime involve comparing them to real-life. Cartoon as a style is even meant to simplify reality. Many people don't mind the obvious flaws in this regard and they enjoy the anime regardless. This is perfectly okay and I won't condemn their enjoyment. I need to be able to relate to characters before I can thoroughly enjoy them and in anime I have a hard time doing that because they seem so artificial.