Eve 6 Concert - 2010/04/08

After being informed of Eve 6 coming to convert in Flint, I pre-ordered my ticket and greatly anticipated the day of the concert. The show wasn't going to start until 8:00, but I rushed out of work, and made it to the show by about 6:20, becoming the third person in line--only two college reporters beat me. The show didn't have much of a turn out, probably only 150+ people. I only heard about it the concert through my friend Robin, so the coverage wasn't that high, but also they were playing The Whiting, which is a nice venue, but it's a theatre usually reserved for Broadway-style plays.

I talked to a girl in line who was an older fan, and knew about Eleventeen, and their early work, so I wasn't the only veteran. I rushed into the hall as soon as they opened the doors and got a perfect front row seat, slightly off center. There were a lot of younglings who were probably just starting elementary school when Eve 6 first album came out (I was in a senior in high school), so I certainly felt my age. However, I sat next to a group of them, and they were a lot of fun to chat with. The opening act was a male acoustic guitar duet called Dion Roy. Decent, but nowhere near the intensity that I was anticipating with Eve 6.

When Eve 6 finally came on, I was ecstatic. The set list is very similar to when I saw them in 2008, but with a couple more new songs.

  1. Rescue
  2. Promise
  3. Open Road Song
  4. Think Twice
  5. Little Tiny Everything (New)
  6. Leech
  7. Anytime
  8. Red Black (New)
  9. Here's to the Night
  10. Medley: Amphetamines / How Much Longer / Running Down a Dream (Tom Petty Cover)
  11. Lost and Found (New)
  12. On the Roof
  13. Tongue Tied
  14. Pick Up the Pieces (New)
  15. Inside Out (with some Miley Cyrus thrown in)
  16. What (New)

After the show, the crowd dispersed rather quickly. I was almost out the door, but I saw the band in the stage wings, so I came back down to greet them. I thanked them for coming to Michigan, they thanked me for showing up, and I had them sign my remaining two albums. I now have all three Eve 6 CDs signed by the group, though I'm still missing the signature of the original guitarist, Jon Siebels. They reminded me that they should have a new album out by next year, and I'm very much looking forward to it!