The Second Annual Flint Vampire's Ball - 2009/10/24

The second annual Flint Vampire's Ball was bigger and better than last year. The night went smoother and the decorations and entertainment was better. The doors opened at 7:30, though my date Amber and I didn't arrive until around 8:20. She was dressed as a naughty French Maid, and I went as a Vampire victim with two gory fang holes in my neck. We found a table to sit at just as Versailles was finishing up. I only caught about two songs, but they reminded me a bit of Evanescence, though more tame; the vocalist had a similar pseudo-classical sound.

The second act was Ego Likeness. They were much more danceable, so a crowd of dancers began to form. I didn't pay much attention to them, as I was chatting with Voltaire and purchasing Ooky Spooky and having him sign my "To the Bottom of the Sea" album. I now have a signed copy of each of Voltaire's studio albums, though I still need to get his live albums and his EP to complete my collection.

The third act was a brief interlude of The Lunatic Vagabonds, billed as gothic belly dancers. Belly dancing doesn't do much for me, but I politely watched with my date.

The fourth act was Bella Morte, sort of an industrial/gothic rock group. Their music had a lot of energy, so I got up and did some spasmodic dancing to it. My neck is still a little stiff from head-banging.

Act number five was Hellblinki, a dark cabaret group which fit in just fine for the evening. I actually liked their style and sound, however, the backup vocalist continued to make this annoying high-pitched yelping sound through most of the songs which totally ruined it for me.

In between each act, the vampire MC, Ay'yidh May'yit, would say a few things and then announce door prizes by calling out ticket numbers. This was a nice way to keep people focused during the set-list down time, but his faux-Romanian accent just kept reminding me of The Count from Sesame Street. I just keep hearing, "Ticket number 123, ah ah ah!" and I couldn't help but giggle through his monologues.

Finally, Voltaire came on, over a half-hour later than he was supposed to. He was his typical clever and humorous self, adding witty banter between his songs. Here is his set list:

  1. Dead
  2. Zombie Prostitute
  3. Coming Out For Christmas
  4. Day of the Dead
  5. BRAINS!
  6. Coin Operated Goi
  7. Blood (a My Chemical Romance cover)
  8. Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend)
  9. Stuck With You
  10. Death Death (Devil, Devil, Devil, Devil, Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil Song)

"Coming Out For Christmas" was not part of the original set list, but was added due to a couple poofs hitting on Voltaire. He took them in good humor and allowed them to come up on stage and grind against each other. Because it was getting so late, Voltaire couldn't finish his set. From his set list he planned to finish with "When You're Evil" and then do "Ex-Lover's Lover" and "Vampire Club" as two encore songs.