Detroit Zoo with Youmacon - 2009/07/11

One of the major Youmacon outings this year was a trip to the Detroit Zoo. Although I'm not a big player in Youmacon, I still tagged along because several of my friends are a big part of it, and I did go last year, so I totally earned it. Besides, I'm pretty awesome, and everyone wants to be around me.

Anyway, I picked up Cody and Lauren and we headed to the zoo. I didn't bother with that many pictures, but rest assured, I had a wonderful time. Their promotion was their robotic dinosaur exhibit which was fun, but nobody was killed, so I was a little disappointed.


The old Rackham Fountain, still spewing after all these years.

Lauren being her typical cute self.

Holy fucking shit! It's a dinosaur! Jesus Christ! What the fuck?

Oh no! An herbivore!


Dilopasaurus, FTW!

These hatchlings were making far too much noise. They're going to get eaten for sure.

Remember kids, fossilized poop is a choking hazard, so don't feed it to anyone under the age of three.

Totally a hemorrhoids sufferer.


I'm not sure if this peahen was nesting or digging a hole to keep cool.

Americans say zee-bra, Brits say zeb-ra.

The bulk of our group.

Lauren riding shotgun. No I didn't take this picture while driving. That would be illegal!



A lovely gift from Lauren.

I'm so studly.