Detroit Zoo - 2007/10/06

After hearing last year about the possible closure of the Detroit Zoo due to lack of funds, I decided that I should pay a visit to the one of my childhood favorites. I mentioned to my friends that we should take a trip to the zoo, and several expressed interest. Since it was such a warm day, most of the animals were lounging in the shade, and I often envied them. Here some of the pictures of that fun-filled, yet exhausting day.

The iconic Detroit Zoo water tower.

Some Bactrian camels.

White-lipped deer, just chilling.

The ever-popular Rackham fountain. It's been the zoo centerpiece for many years.


Our entire group (minus me). From the left it's Nate, Sarah hiding behind John, Cassie, Rachel, Aubrey in the stroller, Jade, and Nicole.

A few pig-like peccaries hiding in the shade.

A Chimpanzee which is an ape, not a monkey. There's a big difference people, I'm serious!

Now this one is a monkey (stolen from Rachel).


Fighting for ownership of the tree. As usual, security loves our visits.

A peacock hoping we'd feed it. Some kids were actually trying to feed the birds chicken. No joke.

Some rather dull vultures. They'd be cooler if they'd swoop down and snatch a small child.

A male and female lion relaxing in the shade.


Nate's arm. Oh yeah, and some lemurs.

Two rhinoceroses being not all that exciting. How dare they not entertain me!

Why, when he was a young wart hog...

Although the zebras may look like they're white with black stripes, the owner of the afro assured us that they are black with white stripes.


Flamingos and various other non-flamingo birds.

An ostrich.

This is why we use science instead of tradition when trying to find the facts about animals.

A reticulated giraffe. Be careful, it's reticulated.


TNT, gin, and kangaroos don't mix.

A bunch of lazy kangaroos. You'll notice that none of them are canoodling; much to our chagrin.

The joey that only a few days ago was still in the pouch.

They let you get pretty close in the Outback Adventure.


This animal is usually called a buffalo, but it is properly named a bison.

Prairie dogs. I love it when they "bark."

An elk with one heck of a rack.

A wolverine--minus the adamantium claws and healing factor. I love how they're a celebrated Michigan animal, even though they're not native to Michigan.


An Asian wild horse.

A black man trying to get his hands on some chickn'.

The giant anteater. Kind of creepy looking.

El chupacabra... okay, it's a capybara. Basically, it's a giant tailless rat.


It's like the coolest bird ever! The bald eagle.

The entrance to the Artic Ring of Life. The polar bear is hugging me.

Some seals.

A close up of the seal's body underwater.


Some emperor penguins in their stinky habitat.

A butterfly sucking up a fake flower with its proboscis.

A pooped otter.

One big-ass viper!


The shedded skin of a snake.

Come and touch me, I'm just a harmless log.

The biggest and coolest cat of them all.

The tiger is the real king of the jungle.