Rilo Kiley: Fall Tour - 2007/09/17

The 2007 Fall Tour stopped in at the Royal Oak Music Theatre while in Michigan. It's a pretty nice venue, as I recalled from my last concert there to see Alice Cooper.

The first opener was Grand Ole Party, an indie band from California. The lead singer, Kristin Gundred, sounded a little like Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, only not as annoying. I liked their sound, but the songs all kind of strung together. I accidentally cut off the bassist out of all my pictures, but this one at least has a bit of him.

Next up was Jonathan Rice, whom I've seen twice before on Jenny Lewis' solo tours. He was his usual bizarre self and sung several nice tunes. He also brought out his "pal" Jenny Lewis for a duet. She look adorable in her little blue dress and hat. Later, Jason came out to help on drums. Once again, he finished with "We're All Stuck Out In the Desert and We're Gonna Die."

Finally, Rilo Kiley came on dressed up in classy looking costumes befitting of their new album. They even had blacklights around the stage to give them a nice glow. They opened up with their first track from the More Adventurous album, "It's a Hit" to the screams of scensters and emos alike.

They later did "Paint's Peeling," which is an obvious favorite for Michigan residents, and began several tracks off their new album, Under the Blacklight. Blake mentioned that the song "Breakin' Up" was about dancing while under the influence of GBH.

They sung several more songs from their various albums; mixing the old and the new together. I was pleased to hear them play my favorite song off their new album, "15." Blake remarked that it was a song about infidelity, and Jenny corrected that it was about love, so Blake mentioned it was about the fine line between them. Very cute. I was kind of surprised they didn't play the title track, "Under the Blacklight."

They then decided to play a couple cover songs from their solo projects. Jenny did her own "Rise Up With Fists" and Blake did The Elected's "Greetings in Braille." I was nice to hear "Rise Up With Fists," but it wasn't the same without the backup vocals of the Watson Twins. They really add a lot to that song.

Overall it was a decent concert. I would have liked to have heard more of my favorite songs and a few less of the newer ones. I don't really care for some of the songs off Under the Blacklight. Although the new jazzy sound has grown on me, I find some of the lyrics to be too repititive to gain my interest. I would also happily give up "I Never," "Ripchord," and "Waves and Wires" for more powerful songs off their respective albums. The encore was only one song, "Does He Love You," which kind of seemed like a minor song to end with. Here's the full set list.

It's a Hit
Close Call
Portions For Foxes
Paint's Peeling
Breakin' Up
The Moneymaker
Wires and Waves
With Arms Outstretched
Silver Lining
I Never
Smoke Detector
Rise Up With Fists (Jenny Lewis Solo)
Greetings in Braille (The Elected)
Spectacular Views
Encore: Does He Love You

During the entire show there was a rather annoying girl who felt it necessary to wail like a banshee after every song, and every moment of silence, and sometimes during the songs. I was hoping she would lose her voice, but no such luck.

After the concert ended a few diehards decided to wait outside the theatre for the band to come out. The initial group went from about thirty to fifteen as the night dragged on. Finally, when the band did come out, they just hopped into their van and drove off leaving several disappointed fans behind. I guess I can't blame them, I wouldn't want to deal with rabid geeks after every show either, but I just wish they would have sent out a roadie right after the show to inform us that they didn't have time to greet everyone instead of allowing us to wait around for nothing. Oh well, there's always next show.