Bob Seger Concert - 2006/12/22

After a decade long hiatus Bob Seger returns to the road promoting his newest album. My friend Jackie was kind enough to take me along with her to go and witness one of the kings of the classic rock genre.

There was an opening act that I didn't really pay attention to. It was kind of a pop country group. They had a lot of energy, but the sound seemed kind of generic.

Seger performed a really long set complete with intermission and two encores. His age is starting to show and some of his vocals don't have the high notes like you'd hear on the albums, but his voice is still great and sounds just as gruff as always.


Set List

01 - Roll Me Away
02 - Trying to Live My Life Without You
03 - Wreck this Heart
04 - Main Street
05 - Old Time Rock N Roll
06 - Wait For Me
07 - Face the Promise
08 - No More
09 - Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight
10 - We've Got Tonight
11 - Turn the Page
12 - Travelin' Man
13 - Beautiful Loser


14 - Simplicity
15 - Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
16 - C'est la Vie
17 - Sightseeing
18 - Satisfied
19 - Sun Spot Baby
20 - Horizontal Bop
21 - Katmandu

1st Encore

22 - Night Moves
23 - Hollywood Nights

2nd Encore

24 - Against the Wind
25 - Rock N Roll Never Forgets


It was amazing how much energy he was able to pull out of the crowd. Most of the people there were in their forties and fifties, but they cheered and stood through a lot of the concert as though they were sixteen again. I was actually quite surprised.

It's been a few years since I saw a large venue concert, and I noticed something that I guess I didn't pick up on last time. Bootlegging is starting to become a much larger issue at concerts. It used to be if you wanted to bootleg you had to either slip a tape recorder or video camera into the place, but now with cell phones having built in cameras, and some now with video recording, I can see it really becoming common. Sure, the quality of cell phone cameras still suck and they can't hold very much data, these things are constantly increasing. If I wanted to, I could have recorded the entire concert on my portable music player which is about the size of a deck of cards.

Another example of technology taking over the laymen is that even though the average age of the concert goers that night was probably in the mid-forties, I counted more cell phone backlights than lighters during the slow songs. Cell phones are overtaking the smokers; that's a scary thought.