End of October - 2006/10/31

These are some pictures of my visit with Nikia and Katie. On October 30th--Monday evening--we went to the Silver Bullet firing range in Grand Rapids. It was the first time I held a pistol in a long time and it was quite exhilarating. I mostly fired a 45. On the 31st, Katie had to work during the day, so Nikia and I visited Saugatuck and Holland and checked out some of the parks on the lake shore. It was a very cold and windy day, just perfect for insane people. For the end of the day, we got dressed up and went out to dinner.

Wouldn't you like to meet me in a dark alley? (9 mm)

At 14 yards I'm not that bad.

Katie with a 45. Scary.

Nikia with a 38.


A much rougher coastline.

The last tier of steps was completely covered in sand.

We saw some seagulls crowding around something in the distance, so we went to investigate. Ew. They went for the eyes first, as birds tend to do.

The waves were well above five feet in some places, and shooting sprays around twenty feet.


Going out onto a pier with high waves is smart.

My butt got awfully cold.

The dunes decided to take back the park.

Rock n' roll you crazy freaks!