Jenny Lewis Concert - 2006/10/06

This would be my second time seeing Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins in concert. I had a lot of fun, and enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately, the person I was going with ended up getting sick, so I had to find someone to sell my extra ticket to. Luckily, I met two very nice people behind me who were will to take it off my hands for just over half price. Good deal for both of us.

The concert was at Saint Andrews in Detroit, which is a fairly old locale, where the stage is a little too high for its own good. Basically, if you're in the front row you're looking up the person's nose. Thusly, I stayed back several rows for a proper view. Although, last time I was at St. Andrews to see Rilo Kiley they were a bit lax on their no camera policy, this time they were a little over zealous (I've heard that was a decision by Jenny herself). There were No Cameras signs everywhere and during the show security was looking down on the crowd. I only counted about five camera flashes, and I wasn't about ready to risk my expensive digital. The crowd wasn't that large either so it would have been too difficult to blend in, thus no pictures this time.

I was a little disappointed by the double booking of the show. St. Andrews has basement below it that had another, much louder, band playing the whole night. Whenever there was a break in the sound from the Jenny Lewis concert, or even softer music, you heard the loud bass from below. Very annoying.

Anyway, Michael Runion was the first opening act. He played a few of his songs which consisted of acoustic guitar and his own vocals, which were pretty good. He also had Farmer Dave come up during one of his songs for some rhythm.

After Runion was a band from New York called Vietnam. They really looked like a bunch of Vietnam veterans. They had long unkempt beards and had a grungy unhygienic look. Despite not looking pretty, they had a very interesting sound, with long drawn-out incomprehensible lyrics which I'm told is similar to Lou Reed's work. I would have picked up their album, but they don't have one available until late November.

And of course, after the opening acts everyone's hero came on stage--Jenny Lewis. Both her and the twins were dressed in sexy tight navy blue gowns. Then began the singing, and here's the set list:

01.) Run Devil Run (with additional lyrics)
02.) The Big Guns
03.) You Are What You Love
04.) Melt Your Heart
05.) The Charging Sky
06.) Happy

At this point Jenny and the Watson twins left the stage and an introduction of the entire band was made by Johnathan Rice. When he got to Jenny and the twins they rushed out wearing green sequined dresses, most adorable.

07.) Fernando
08.) Rise Up With Fists
09.) Carpet Bagger
10.) I Met Him On a Sunday
11.) Jack Killed Mom
12.) Born Secular

The band leaves the stage to Jason's awesome drum solo, to return for the encore.

13.) Rabbit Fur Coat
14.) Acid Tongue
15.) Handle Me With Care

During Rabbit Fur Coat a security guard's radio was really loud and interrupted Jenny's singing twice. She had to stop and ask him to turn it down. She was actually very cool about it, although she needed the crowd to remind her where she left off.

After the show ended I hung out in hopes of meeting Jenny so I could finally get my album signed, and my wait paid off, because now my Rabbit Fur Coat booklet has Jenny, Leigh, and Chandra's signatures on it. I also asked Jenny about the little girl in the liner notes and she said it was Pierre's (of Rilo Kiley fame) daughter, and her god-daughter. Mystery solved (for those of whom it was still a mystery).

About the Watson twins; even though they're twins you can still tell them apart fairly easily. On stage, Chandra is more active while Leigh is more graceful. Chandra is slightly thinner, and Leigh tends to have straighter hair. Regardless, they're both gorgeous, but I tend to crush on Leigh more. Plus, she talked to me afterwards and asked me my name which mean's she likes me right? Don't answer that, I don't want to ruin the fantasy. She even signed with her middle name as well (LaDean) after hearing that my name was Dean. I think I should have proposed.

It was a great night, I loved the concert, and I'd see them again. You should see them as well, tah.