August Lock-In - 2006/08/25

You know the drill. Arcade, all-nighter, lots of pubescent adolescents.

2D fighters still rule the world.

Smash Bros. Melee.

Mana playing ITG w/o shoes.

The racism squad gets another shot. Black man with a fro, driving a big rig, with a drumstick in each hand.


I forget the name, but it was one of the worst platform fighters I'd ever seen.


You didn't want to see where you were driving, right?

It must be an inside joke. I'd rather not know.


Kevin and James.

No! That's just wrong!

Now this is the reason I love lock-ins.

Our techno-crats.



I have a June growing out of my head.

Kyle looking "short-bus" special.

Implements of corruption.


Yes, I said I'd delete it. Yes, I lied.

June pounding out some Super Mario Bros. theme music.

Don't you just love candid profiles?

They're taking this game a little too seriously.


Logan... playing with himself.

Daddy Morebucks.

Wow, what a nice shirt. Oh, who am I kidding? Nice rack!

Heather and Dani.


I missed the joke.

I think they were singing ABBA's Dancing Queen.


Calix and Felix. Name coincidence? I think not!




Hey look, it's Doofy.

Do I even need to give this one a humorous caption?


Nothing says, "I love you," like pushing your sweetheart into a head-on collision with an 18 wheeler.

You're right Cody, you do look like Sarah in this picture.