Silverleaf - 2006/07/08-2006/08/06

Due to an inability to reach a compromise with the owners of the last location Silverleaf was located at, they moved locations to Kimball Pines Park, in Battle Creek. The new site contains a lot more shade trees and green foliage making it a much prettier location for the faire. Over all I think that the new location will serve them well provided they come up with a way to keep the foot traffic moving through to the back. Anyway, I made it to three of the five weekends, and I took plenty of pictures for all to see.

Drench a wench. See lovely wet ladies.

The Pirate Shantyman and Bonnie Lass with Jessie in the middle.

This is a picture of the large tree in the main walkway. It was taken at night and since I didn't have a tripod, the long exposure created a very cool misty effect.

A K-nite.


A Kiniggit.

Shiny armor and everything.

Batter up!

Another one bites the dust.


Nice shot. Right through the mid-section.

Robin likes having her picture taken.

Meg in a snood!

Jessie's pouty smile.


Melissa in the white dress.

Mara and I at the pub.

Young lust love.

She couldn't even make him budge.


Liz and Dave... naughty naughty!

Amanda as a fairy.


A UNICORN! (it's not real, it's just tied on)


Shaun out of garb, for shame!

Amber the pretty pirate.

Don't ask.

The dwarf wields a crossbow.


Arrow in the bum.

Yeah, I'm not too sure either.

Crotches don't like swords.

Scratched his nose on the swords.


Isn't she just adorable?

My pseudo-pirate garb.

Katie posing.

Meg in a corset. Sexy!


A bunny named Forest. Or woods, or grove, or something to that effect.

Amanda in a corset. Yow.

Careful with that side arm missy.

Damn, I look sexy!