Tahquamenon Falls - 2006/07/29

Jackie invited me to accompany her on a trip to the Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I was pretty stoked at visiting the UP and actually checking out a park up there so I agreed to go.

After a rather late start in the morning (waking up is hard work) we started the drive into the north, crossed the Mackinaw Bridge, and arrived in the UP. We did a bit of dilly dallying, checking out our surroundings, which were right out of Deliverance even if the city we stayed at was called Paradise. Naming issues, you know? Actually, the scenery was gorgeous. Everything was green and verdant and we were right on the shores of Lake Superior. We knew that were in the UP because we saw plenty of fanny packs, tye-dye animal shirts, and mullets.

We stopped at the only brand name hotel in the area--a Best Western--and since it was tourist season we had to get a suite. The room was pretty nice, so I wasn't going to complain. We had a great view of the lake from our balcony. After checking in, we decided to go and find dinner. We went to The Restaurant (I write it in proper noun format because there is only one restaurant in the whole city, thus making it The Restaurant). And here is the reason why I'll probably never live in the UP; the whole town shuts down at 9:00 PM on Saturday. Not just the town, but the majority of the entire Upper Peninsula. We had to drive over an hour away to Sault Ste. Marie just to find a place to eat. I love the woods, but I don't think I can give up my civilization.

It was pretty late by the time we got back to the hotel, and I dare not mention the name of the movie we watched before going to sleep lest it conjure some evil spirit. I'll give you a hint, French General Explosive. That's a little too close for comfort. Sleep = good.

On Sunday morning we had breakfast at The Restaurant and minus a few flies it was pretty good. I don't blame the restaurant for the flies; there were flies everywhere up there. After eating, we went out to visit the falls. I took a few pictures of the Lower Falls, but I didn't bring my camera to the Upper Falls. I kind of wish I did, because it was really pretty. It was the largest naturally occurring falls I've seen. Ah well, next time.

After the falls we went up to Whitefish Point and walked along the beach for awhile. We waded into Lake Superior, but even in the summer heat the water was too cold for swimming. After viewing the strange black sand we walked back down the beach and headed south.

We stopped for dinner in Mackinaw, and our server (from the UP, I might add) did -not- know how to use her built-in map of Michigan (i.e. her hand). She argued with me that Flint was just north of where Lansing should be, and west of Bay City. Moron yoopers, I tell you what! I would have shown her on a real map and performed a map-to-hand comparison if it wasn't getting so late.

We made it back into Flushing around 12:30 AM, and I got back to Grand Blanc by 1:00 AM. The trip was really spectacular, and I really enjoyed being able to have several deep discussions with Jackie throughout the trip. For anyone who likes natural beauty, I certainly suggest heading to the UP and checking out Tahquamenon Falls and Whitefish Point, they're both very beautiful. Just make sure you get dinner before 9:00 PM, and whatever you do, make sure you have gas! We didn't run out, but I can just imagine what it would be like!

What better way to start a vacation? I love that attitude!

Mackinaw bridge.

I wish they would let people climb the cables.

This place is very frightening. All the windows are boarded up with black-painted wood and the creepy snowmen statues never stop smiling... even when they're killing you.


The beach at Whitefish Point.

The lighthouse at Whitefish Point.

This is the gorgeous view from the hotel balcony. *wink wink*

This is also the view... not quite as good.


This is part of the Lower Tahquamenon Falls.

A dorky picture of yours truly.

Jackie is so pretty.

So this prayer talks about all the reasons why we chop down trees and at the very end it says "harm me not". Mixed signals?


Here is the most powerful section of the Lower Falls. A freeze frame doesn't do it justice.

It looks majestic and it could very easily kill you.

A mandatory tourist photo.



Beginning the drive back.

It was a long day, you wouldn't look good either.

Castle Rock just across the bridge in the Upper Peninsula side.

The boats in Mackinaw.