Mayfaire - 2006/05/27 - 2006/05/29

Plenty of exciting things happened at Mayfaire this year. We had a heat wave making it unbearably hot even in the shade. Wow exciting. On with the pictures.

- It's all fer me grog! The Privateers of Triton's Fury (or the PoTF for short) singing a tune.

- Incriminating evidence of Jamie preparing to smoke. Everyone bug her to make her quit!

- Aw, isn't that just precious? She's like a little puppy dog.

- Meg nicely burned at dinner.

- Kenny is a horny devil.

- Emily eats way too much broccoli.

- I'm just mildly happy.

- This will teach you to put blue makeup on my nipples! I'll post bad photos of you on the Internet!

- Choosy gypsies choose Dole juice.

Aside from the crazy pictures plenty of other fun-fun things happened. I gained a spiffy looking sunburn on my back. It even has little lines where my fingers applied sunscreen but missed certain sections. Add to the fact that people were throwing ground up ice balls and water at me, and lovely burn mark!

I bought my first sword. It's cheaply made and weighted poorly, but it was only $40 and it looks decent. It'll look pretty once added to my nobility garb.

I'm sure it would have been much more exciting without the insane heat, but even still, it was a good weekend.