Mackinaw Road Trip - 2006/04/29

After mentioning that I wanted a real road trip last week my friends and I decided to take one. We didn't really have a plan, so we decided to make it up as we went. I arrived to Nikia's house on Saturday at about 2:00 PM. We packed up some bedding incase we needed to sleep in the van, and just before we were going to leave we decided to head north on Mackinaw.

We took Nikia's and Katie's mascots Gooberfish and the kitty. They are photographed along the journey.

We took 131 north from Grand Rapids all the way to Mackinaw. The drive took a few hours, but was actually quite scenic, especially after it dropped down to two lanes after Cadillac.

We stopped at three ski resorts because we had the time, and we wanted to see what they look outside of winter. I took some pictures of the hills of Boyne Mountain, Boyne Highlands, and Nub's Nob. I hereby declare that Nub's Nob has the most naughty name for a ski resort. Seeing them (still with snow even on the last day in April) brought back the old fire in me and made me really want to go skiing again. This winter I'm definitely going no matter what!

In Mackinaw we drove over the huge bridge (26,372 feet). It was quite a bit colder and windier up in Mackinaw, the trees haven't even started budding up there yet. In Michigan's Upper Peninsula we ate dinner at a nice restaurant (which had an awesome salad bar), and instead of braving the cold, we decided to wuss out and sleep in a motel. I actually liked the firm motel beds, but my traveling companions complained about how stiff they were (boo-hoo).

On Sunday we broke fast at Big Boy with their crappy buffet and visited a few tourist shops. After that we began our journey back south. We made it to Petoskey and walked around their bay side parks.

After that but decided to head over to the Sleeping Bear Dunes and check them out. At this point my camera was full, so I'll have to wait for Nikia to get her film developed of the dunes. The dunes were quite a site. We climbed up to one of the highest hills, and let me tell you, climbing sand dunes is hard work! My legs and back are still sore. For every two foot step you make, you slide down one foot. The sand was amazingly clean and we climbed the whole thing barefoot. It was certainly worth the difficult climb because the view at the top was spectacular.

It was getting late after we left the dunes, so we continued south and entered Grand Rapids at 8:00 PM. The total trip distance was 617 miles, but I tacked on a little bit more from driving to and from Grand Rapids.