Lock-In - 2006/03/19

I thought I had deleted these photos without copying them to my hard drive first. Thank goodness for by inability to make mistakes.

- The typical pre lock-in massing of gamers.

- Preparing to enter the most holy of holies.

- Um. A -really- up close and personal of Cody.

- Megan is short-bus special.

- Is it just me, or is Jessie the woman in this relationship. Why is he grabbing his booby?

- The proof that being able to play guitar makes you cool.

- I don't know this person, and from the look of him, he doesn't know me.

- The cardinal sin of getting in the way of a gamer.

- Worshipping at the church of Tekken.

- People playing games at an arcade? Crazy!

- Don't ask. Just keep moving.

- I'm thouroughly turned on about now.

- Driving like a pimp should drive.

- Cody's bountiful bosom.

- This is what life is like when you're taking ecstasy.

- Bald black man, little white anime.

- That's right bitches, I'm the best!

- Circle of geeks.

- Another person falls victim to the coziness of a Skeeball machine.