Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins in Grand Rapids - 2006/03/15

The concert was spectacular. It opened with Whispertown 2000, Johnathan Rice, and then of course Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. It was held at the Fine Arts Center of Calvin College, which was a bit strange. Calvin College is a Christian school, and the music being played doesn't exactly convey a pro-Christian theme. Either they were confused by the lyrics (like most fans are) or they are expanding to entertainers who question religion and swear once in a while (which would be cool).

The Fine Arts Center was decently full, around 500 people. The ceiling was really cool because it was packed with lights.

Whispertown 2000, fronted by Morgan of Papillon fame, was very fun. Morgan was ditzy in a cute way (some girls behind me assumed she was high) and the band looked and sounded very nice. It was the first time I heard their music, and I thought is was cool and mellow.

Johnathan Rice, aka Jenny's boyfriend, was the second act. He had a very reserved attitude and cracked jokes through his set. I enjoyed his music, but it was a little too slow for my tastes.

And then, of course, Jenny came on with the Watson twins and a couple of familiar faces. Jason from Rilo Kiley played drums, Johnathan played lead guitar, Michael Runion did bass, and Farmer Dave did keyboard again. Jenny looked adorable in her long blue dress with lace accents (very country/western), but I have to admit that I was smitten by the Watson twins. They are both tall, brunette, and have gorgeous smiles. They both wore dark blue satin dresses.

Set list:
Run Devil Run (sung off stage, and then the three slowly walked on stage during the song)
The Big Guns
You Are What You Love
Melt Your Heart
The Charging Sky
Currently Untitled (There is no good reason, no easy way to say goodbye... no leavin' tonight)
Rabbit Fur Coat
Rise Up With Fists
Jack Killed Mom
Born Secular

It Wasn't Me
I Met Him On a Sunday
Cold Jordan

I picked up another copy of Rabbit Fur Coat, but on vinyl. The record came with a nice poster of one of the photos in the CD booklet.

The only thing that I was bummed about was that closing of the concert. Per usual, large crowds stayed around hoping to catch a glimpse of Jenny. They eventually thinned out leaving only a few people remaining, myself included. I was expecting them to simply wait for the less diehard fans to leave, and then come out and mingle and sign a few autographs. After an hour of waiting there were only a couple of us remaining, and slowly each person left disappointed. I went to their bus after they had packed everything away hoping to at least get my album signed, but no such luck. So, I left without a signed album this time. Maybe I should mail it to them.