Rocky Horror Party, Mayfaire: Second Weekend, DDR - 2005/05/27 - 2005/05/30

This weekend I tried to fit as much excitement into a weekend as any normal person possibly could. On Friday I attended a Rocky Horror Picture Show party, Saturday I stayed the day at Mayfaire, Sunday was Mayfaire, as well as DDR, and Monday was again Mayfaire.

Friday evening, right after work, I sped across the state to Dowagiac, Michigan to enjoy the sinful delights of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I, of course, had to dress appropriately in make-up and women's clothing. Most of the others were relatively virginal about RHPS, and I was the only one who was able to keep up with the call-backs. I shouldn't be proud of that, but I am. I wanted to shave so my makeup would look prettier, but that would clash with my ren faire garb, so I was the bearded lady.

Saturday morning occurred too quickly, and we arrived to faire late as usual (we were also late Sunday and Monday). It happens. Sleep is harder than you would think. I was able to get several nice pictures throughout the three-day weekend.

Sunday evening a few of us took a trip to the arcade to play Ye Olde DDR. I felt so cool because there weren't any good players there, so I was able to show off my leet DDR skillz. Of course, I suck, but don't let the people I played with know, or they might not think I'm so kewl. One thing I need to remember though, if you are not going to be able to take a shower the next morning, DDR is probably a bad thing to do. So enjoy the DDR pictures, because nobody makes stupid faces when playing DDR.

So after DDR we went camping. The tent that we were going to sleep in was missing a few pieces and wasn't exactly sleepable as you can see. Luckily, I always carry my tent with me just for these occasions. The night was rainy and cold and not at all comfortable, but we survived. It nights like that that really give me an understanding of how much I adore my own bed.

Amber and I had breakfast in downtown Marshall at a wonderful corner cafe that was both cheap and delicious, I wish we had one in my city. The last day went by pretty quick, and before I knew it I was heading back home.