Mayfaire: First Weekend - 2005/05/21

Saturday was really long. I hit the road at about 11:30 AM, finally arriving at Mayfaire at around 1:30 PM. Right on my way in, I met Meg, who I was hoping to meet. We were able to talk and get to know each other a little better. And once again, I was put in jail and forced to perform the publicly humiliating Happy Unicorn Dance. Yes, there will be repercussions to that, don't you worry. Although, as luck would have it I was part of my first mass-wenching. It ended up being the only picture I got.

My scalp wrote me a letter which reads: "Please remember that I am not impervious to sunburn, I will remind you by making the next few times of brushing your hair more painful than normal, have a nice day."

After the faire ended I went to Julie's place along with Amber (hey, I remembered!), April, Rob, and later Doug and Travis. We listened to music, ate some dinner, and played some games. There was alcohol and of course I didn't drink any, but it's fun to watch people that do. After a few other people became intoxicated we all played strip-poker. The great thing about strip-poker is that nobody really loses, so mass nudity ensued. Hooray for boobies!

Anyway, around 2:00 AM or so we finally started to attempt to go to bed. Well, Amber and I kind of stayed awake talking and basking in the joy of sleep deprivation for the majority of the night. I think I slept for about 20 minutes at one point. Annoying birds and that bright ball of fire in the sky kept me awake. In the morning I had to say good-bye to the lovely Amber who wasn't returning to the faire, but I'll be seeing her again, so bonus.

The drive back to the faire was going well. I had placed a black t-shirt over my face to keep that hot burning disc of fire from keeping me awake any longer. I was at the edge of sleep and consciousness when all of the sudden DEER! I jumped up to see that we were in the middle of a city and everyone was laughing at me. Julie, I hate you. Back to sleep, and I didn't wake up until we arrived.

When we did arrive at noon it was raining. Typical. I decided to wait for the rain to stop, so I holed up in my car. At about 2:00 PM my stomach woke me up and reminded me that I hadn't fed it in awhile. I drove into town, grabbed some fast food, went back to the faire parking lot, ate, and went back to sleep. I awoke again at 5:00 PM from my car being super hot and humid. The rain had stopped and the sun was turning my car into an Easy-Bake. I was considering going into the faire, but there was little point considering there was only an hour left. I rolled down the windows and went back to sleep to be awakened an hour later by the cannon.

I then remembered how much sleeping in a car sucks. My body is still sore all over from it. Anyway, I put in an appearance, said hello and good-bye to whoever was left and drove back home.

A nice long weekend, which will most likely be similar next week.