Rilo Kiley, Spring Tour, Detroit - 2005/05/18

My third time seeing Rilo Kiley was at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit Michigan with Kimberly and Rachel. We left Grand Blanc at 4:30 for Detroit and stopped in Greektown for some food (I almost got my car locked in another parking garage, but got it out through the back door, phew!). We arrived at the concert hall a little later than I would have liked, but with enough time to get descent seats.

Although the hall was larger than the Magic Stick (where the previous two shows were) the location was a bit of a let down. The stage was about five feet off the ground giving a poor angle for viewing. The three of us ended up standing up in the balconies. Unfortunately, that is just far enough away so that my camera didn't work very well, so my pictures didn't turn out very good.

There were two opening acts. The first act was The Brunettes from New Zealand, they were alright. The second act was Neva Dinova. I certainly wasn't impressed by them.

After that, Rilo Kiley finally came on and play a very nice set. I kept track of the set list as the night when on, and the songs were:

1.) It's a Hit
2.) Hail to Whatever You Found In the Sunlight That Surrounds You
3.) Portions For Foxes
4.) Accidntel Deth
5.) I Never
6.) Pull Me In Tighter
7.) So Long
8.) More Adventurous
9.) Ripchord
10.) Absence of God
11.) Execution of All Things
12.) Love and War (11/11/46)
13.) The Good That Won't Come Out
14.) Paint's Peeling
15.) Does He Love You
16.) Waves and Wires (medley)
17.) '85 (encore)
18.) Spectacular Views (duet with Blake and Jenny) (encore)

This was the first time I'd heard Pull Me In Tighter, which might be on their next album. I was also very pleased to hear the older song, '85. Also, I again noticed Jenny looking over at Blake during the line "And they were only words and I never meant them", of Love and War.

Well, here are the pictures that I was able to get. Nothing very impressive, my camera doesn't work very well in the dark at such a distance, so most of the pictures are quite grainy. Also, due to the fact that I was on the balcony, all the shots are looking down at everything and several of them have a big speaker in the way.

This is the opening acts. The first photo is The Brunettes, the second two are from Neva Dinova with Blake on harp and then a little reunion of all the RK peoples. The girl in the gray top is the ever elusive Morgan.

The Rilo Kiley shots

This is the merchandise I bought. They also had new shirt designs but I wasn't too impressed with them.

More pictures abound! The following were taken by Kimberly.

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