Arcade Lock-In - 2005/02/18

This lock-in was a blast. As a rather unusual event I didn't play a single game of DDR, but I did keep myself occupied by playing a few arcade games and several hours of MAME 32. Lots of forgotten 16-bit fighting games and scrolling shooters, good times.

And of course, I took plenty of bad pictures of people who are probably going to beg me to have them removed, but no such luck.

- Some DDR masters show us how it's done.

- Paul copping a feel.

- Cody seems to have found something funny.

- Sorry, I have bulletproof vest with +3 against fake guns.

- A crowd amasses around the computers.

- 20 years in prison. Well, 60 total.

- Constipated?

- Butters wasn't exactly thrilled about this picture.

- People playing a game that is certainly not DDR.

- Ron Jeremy... I mean Swan.

- Brotherly love. How cute. Aww...

- Juvenile delinquents.

- John finishing up a freestyle dance.

- And she claims she doesn't take good pictures.

- This man needs caffeine STAT!

- People worshipping at the church of Kendra.

- Kyle looking just too darn cute for his own good.

- I didn't know they had alcohol here.

- And what lock-in picture set would be complete without a horrible picture of John wishing I didn't have a camera.