LAN Party - 2005/01/14

The LAN party turned out to be quite fun. Most people were too busy making copies as opposed to playing games, but there were still plenty of good games being played. The whole thing took place in a church's gym, which was humorous considering that people were playing games like Doom 3 and pirating software.

- This was taken early on. Later in the night there were about twice as many people.

- Here is one of the projection screens they had setup.

- This was the console gamer's corner, for people not privileged enough to have a computer.

- A nice Aliens setup.

- Yes, that's a stuffed chocobo. Scary isn't it?

- Two more projection monitors, which I think were playing Halo.

- This was taken around midnight when most of the people had arrived. A small sea of computers has formed by this point.

- Here we go, DDR! The lack of metal pads made playing a little difficult, but I was still able to show my mad skillz.

For $5 you were served over cooked spaghetti and kool-aid, along with a chance to win several raffled items. They also sold Blue Bawls for two dollars a bottle. I learned that Blue Bawls are gross, and that Coke is much better. Unfortunately, I had to leave early to get up for work the next day, but I had fun while it lasted. I'm sure I'll make it to the next one in March.