Rilo Kiley Fall Tour - 2004/10/02

The Michigan show was fraught with peril right from the beginning. Originally, it was slated for October 1st in Ann Arbor so I bought my tickets through Ticketmaster. A week later they came in the mail, I was so excited. I took a look at them, and to my horror they simply said that the show was cancelled! This was the cause of great panic. It seems the tour dates changed putting the Cleveland show on the 1st. There was a bit of confusion for awhile after that, but luckily the Michigan show was moved to the 2nd and placed in Detroit, back at the Magic Stick where it was last year. Panic subsides, I reorder tickets, and get them still several weeks in advance.

I was as giddy as a school girl the day of the concert, and drove down to the concert hall three hours early, just in case. I met up with Kimberly there, the girl that I met at the concert last year. People didn't start lining up until about 7:30 PM. Here is a picture of all the people behind me fading into the darkness.

Minor glimpses of the band members were seen as we were lining up. Many people swooning at Jenny when she was seen on the stairs. They have really increased in popularity over the years.

Although the show was supposed to start at 8:00 PM, we didn't enter the place until 8:45 PM. I don't know if the long wait had something to do with the cop showing up and escorting a man out, but it was starting to get pretty darned cold.

The first opening act was Tilly and the Wall. I had never heard of them before, but I was quite impressed with their sound. They incorporated unique percussion into their music like trash cans and tap dancing (similar to Stomp). They also had cute band members so I snapped a few pictures of them.

The second opening act was a band called Now It's Overhead. I wasn't that much impressed with their sound, it seemed a little too generic. Perhaps it was because live music doesn't have the refined sound that album music does. They did have a cute bass player though. I was only able to get one picture of them, sans another band member, because my first set of batteries in my camera died. I did get them changed out for Rilo Kiley though.

After the first two acts, it was time for Rilo Kiley. When Jenny walked on stage the whole room erupted, as to be expected. Jenny wore this really low cut top with a black and white bra underneath. She had to bend over to setup her peddles. Yeah, I looked, I won't deny it. I was not perv enough to get a picture though, but I wish I had. ;-)

Well, let's not kid ourselves, the whole reason you came to this page was to see pictures of Jenny, so without further ado...

One of the problems with Blake when he's really jamming is that you can't tell if he's just enjoying the music, having an orgasm, or both. See the pictures to understand what I mean.

Here are a few more assorted pictures of Blake, Pierre, and Jason as the rock they Magic Stick.

The set list was as follows:
Variations on a Theme: Plane Crash in C
It's a Hit
My Slumbering Heart
Love and War (Does Jenny always look over at Blake when she says "They were only words and I never meant them"?)
More Adventurous
Better Son/Daughter
Portions For Foxes
Three Hopeful Thoughts
Paint's Peeling (A Michigan favorite)
Absence of God
The Execution of All Things
I Never
Small Figures in a Vast Expanse
Don't Deconstruct (This was on their set list, but I don't remember hearing it)
It Just Is
Does He Lover You?

A Man / Me / Then Jim
The Good that Won't Come Out

I picked up several pieces of merchandise after the concert. I also had all the band members sign my album sleeves. After most of the people left the band was picking up and I think someone made a comment to Blake that they could see his underwear, so he dropped them revealing his bare ass to everyone. Sorry girls, no pictures.

The night was a total blast and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I didn't even have to stay the night on the streets of Detroit this time! On my way out of the city I saw an SUV stop in the middle of the road and two people got out and beat the crap out of each other. Aren't cities fun?