Au Naturale Tour - 2004/08/12

A few months back, my friend Kimberly called me up and asked me if I wanted to see Alanis Morissette and the Barenaked Ladies in concert. About that time I was reintroducing myself to them since I forgot about them both back in the 90's. This seemed like a good way to pick up my interest in them, and at the same time see what they're like in concert (a good test for a band).

I've had several friends who were big fans of either group so I've heard a lot of their music, but I hate going to a concert where I don't know what I'm listening to, so I tried to find some more of their music to listen to so I would know the songs at the concert.

Anyway, yesterday was the night of the concert, and it was about mid 50's temperature wise. So much for summer. The opening act was some guy with a guitar. I don't really remember his name, or his music.

Then, Alanis came on. I was quite impressed with her. Not only is she a good live performer with a strong stage presence, but she also has a great rack. Anyway, she played all the songs that I wanted to hear, including some that I have never heard before. As much as I can remember she played: Eight Easy Steps, The Couch, Hands Clean, So Pure, Ironic, One Hand in My Pocket, Not the Doctor, Head Over Feet, You Learn, You Ought Know, Perfect, Everything, Uninvited, Thank U (not exactly in that order).

Near the end of the set, she got the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to her drummer, and proceeded to dump a cake on his head. There was a bit of a cake fight between the two for the last song.

Barenaked Ladies were up next. I've heard that they always put on a cool show, and they did. Plenty of improv, lots of energy, and bizarre antics. There were a few songs I didn't recognize, but the majority of their set was: Brian Wilson, One Week, Call and Answer, Falling For the First Time, Pinch Me, Shopping, It's All Been Done, The Old Apartment, If I Had a Million Dollars.

Of course during Pinch Me, there were several pairs of underwear thrown unto the stage, and during If I Had a Million Dollars, there was macaroni and monkey dolls everywhere. They even did a very impressive (yet tacky) choreographed shopping cart dance for Shopping. Also, in between songs they had some Red Vs. Blue comics being played.

Barenaked Ladies also properly referred to DTE as Pine Knob. Good job ladies.

Near the end of the BNL set, Alanis came out dressed as Steve, and the proceeded to remove her clothes. She was wearing a naked man suit under the clothes. The suit had a large hairy package which Steve was jealous of.

The concert was a blast, and I totally recommend seeing both artists in concert, because they were both great.