Silverleaf Renaissance Festival - 2004/07/10 - 2004/08/01

This year at the Silverleaf Renaissance Festival was probably the best year I ever had there. I met several new people which I got to spend time with and get to know much better and I took plenty of pictures to better keep my memories. Some of the pictures were lost with my camera, but I did manage to get many other good ones with the new one.

The Falconry had grown considerably since last year. Before there were only two or three birds, but this time there were several raptors. There was a golden eagle, a few falcons, three owls, and a couple others. This time they were showing demonstrations of how the birds fly and obey commands. It was very interesting.

Here we see some of the babes of the faire.

Hey, even Link and Zelda showed up all the way from Hyrule! I also got a very cool picture looking up into the trees. Kind of gives you vertigo.

At the end of every day at the faire there is a drum circle. For the past few years it's been growing larger because of more drums and more people. This year had a new group of people doing it who kind of slowed it down. Their drums were either too slow to properly dance to, or too complex for the other people to keep time with. They also got a little preachy with it. For next year I hope they just give us a good up tempo beat and let the dancers do the work!

This is the great Manolete who whacks his hard balls onto the ground for everyone's entertainment. He's a dancer and acrobat who works with yo-yo type balls. Very cool. I took a picture early one morning of him practicing before he drew a nice big crowd to perform in front of.

I finally got around to hanging my little cloth tapestry I picked up back at Ludington. I really makes my apartment look less like an asylum. Also, Whipboy has come out of retirement to do a few shows. Always a thrill to watch.

And what entry would be complete without a few pictures of that unbelievable sexy stud extraordinaire, me. This is my outfit for the last day at the faire, also known to many as the Day of Wrong. Instead of period garb, I wore fishnets and torn jeans and applied generous amounts of eyeliner and mascara. This caused many spankings from various people throughout the day, which I thoroughly enjoyed.