First Camping Day - 2004/06/12

The second Saturday of June is the official Almighty Guru holiday known as Camping Day. This is the first year I celebrated it, and I really enjoyed it.

The place was Waterloo State Park which is the largest state park in the lower peninsula at over 20,000 acres of land.

We arrived at around 1:00 PM on Saturday. Finding the registration area was rather difficult with so much land, but with the help of one of the rangers we finally found our camp site. I was a bit disappointed by their description of "rustic" camp grounds. I wanted something surrounded by trees where I wouldn't have to see other people, but instead there were several other campers in sight. However, that's certainly better than modern camp sites which don't even have trees.

Any way, we set up my tent, unpacked everything, bought some local firewood (be careful of the emerald ash borer) and started a fire (even with wet kindling!). I don't think I'll ever get bored of playing with fire.

Oh yes, for future reference, you can gather fallen wood for burning on state land in Michigan. I was unsure of it at the time but according to the DNR it's all well and legal like.

After all the work of setting up we were both feeling rather hungry so we began to prepare some food. Aside from the staple marshmallows, we also had popcorn, cereal, and of course hot dogs. Some of us cooked out hotdogs the proper way over an open flame (with a little foil), and the rest just watched it fail to cook properly without it. That's right kids, learn how to cook over an open flame!

Night eventually overtook the camp site and we got to listen to the wonderful sounds of nature in the form of rap and rock from two very inconsiderate jerks both trying to out do the other while keeping the rest of the campsite up until around 1:00 AM.

Morning came all too soon, so we cleaned up and packed up the tent into car. We did some hiking through the trails, but all this rain has made the insects brutal, so we cut it short.

We arrived back to my apartment late afternoon and spent the rest of the day with air conditioning and electricity.

While driving down the road, I saw something that was very funny. Have you ever heard the fable about the tortoise and the hare? Would you like to know why the tortoise was able to beat the hare? It wasn't due to slow and steady or any such nonsense. The tortoise won because the hare was hit by a car and flattened into road pizza!