Arcade Lock-In - 2004/06/05

Aladdin's Castle held its second lock-in last weekend. I enjoyed myself even more than the previous time. Partially because there was more DDR stations this time. Aside from the arcade's DDR Extreme, there was a PS2 game going, and I finally got to try Stepmania on Kendra (my computer) with real pads.

I had brought Kendra with me for some entertainment for everyone. She has several games, songs, videos, etc. She also had Stepmania, which I thought some people might want to play (but without real pads, it's not that great). I didn't have my adapter yet, so I didn't expect it to be a big deal. Luckily, one of the guys there had brought his PS2 to USB adapters, and we were able to hook them up (we even "borrowed" the arcade's phone line to download some new songs).

The night started and everyone had plenty of energy, including myself. We added fuel to the fire by munching on candy, popsicles, ice cream, chips, and other health foods. There were some X-Boxes, PS2's, several TVs, my computer, bad softcore tentacle porn, and several arcade games to keep us all entertained.

There was even a DDR orgy going on where eight people each took one arrow and played a super hard doubles song like Legend of Max. Even with the extra feet they still had trouble with it.

As time went on and the moon rose things began to tone down a bit, but most of the people lasted the night. I found out that staying up 20+ hours while playing DDR for last seven hours of that time wrecks havoc on the legs. At around 5 AM my body just wasn't going to let me do it any more. Sometime past 6 AM I went home for some badly needed sleep.

After only five hours of constantly interrupted rest, it was back to work (although, most of the day was spent LANing with my coworkers). When I arrived to work, Lo and behold, my adapter had arrived. I picked up two Mad Catz dance mats at Best Buy and with them I was finally able to spend Sunday playing Stepmania in my apartment, much to the dismay of those living beneath me. I still need to get some plywood so I can mod them a bit so they won't suck quite so much.

All the lack of sleep has left me a bit disoriented. I feel like I spent most of the weekend sleeping, but in reality I only had about eighteen hours for all three days.