Arcade Lock-In - 2004/04/16

Near the end of March or the beginning of April (I don't remember), the Aladdin's Castle in the Courtland Center Mall decided to have an all night lock-in. You would pay a cover charge and you could play some of the games there for free all night long. I was mostly interested in this solely because of DDR Extreme.

I signed up along with thirty other people. The day of the event finally came to pass. It was exciting the whole morning and afternoon of the day. I'm sure you know how it feels to anticipate an event you're looking forward to. Anyway, I arrive at the arcade around 9:00 PM, but we're not let in until 10:00 PM. So what do a large group of mostly teenage video game junkies do outside a mall to pass the time? Why, they make a plastic wrap mummy out of someone, what else. We tried mailing him but we were out of stamps.

Once we were inside we had to do all the boring money collection, pizza funds, etc. Eventually, we started playing the games. Oh yeah.

Here's a picture of how the night started. Notice how everyone is up an about, moving around, and having a gay old time. I had plenty of drinks and candy to keep me energized long enough to get my share of games in. I beat both Time Crisis and Police Training, boo-yah!

Later on in the wee hours of the morning we had a DDR tournament. Each person was sorted into a class, I chose to be put into Standard. Looking back, I should have picked Light, because several of the people in the Standard class are the same people who usually play on Heavy. Shame on them.

Obviously, I lost in the first round, even after max comboing Abyss! Doh!

Anyway, the night progressed and people began to wind down. I don't have a picture of these later hours because I was fighting to keep awake myself. Suffice to say, most people were slugging around.

The night was a success, but eventually 7:00 AM finally rolled around and everyone parted ways. I went home and slept until 4:00 PM. Needless to say, my sleeping schedule was slightly thrown off.