Shiabruck Medieval Festival - 2003/08/02

The Shiabruck's Medieval Festival was bigger and better this year. I got to hang out with all my faire friends and meet a few new ones. Probably the best thing of all, was that I got to boffer fight in a list again!

I picked up some new jewelry including an arm band, a thumb ring, and a hematite necklace I ordered from Left-Handed Compliments.

Stonehenge Then Stonehenge Now

There was a nice model of Stonehenge there with two large table dedicated to the "then and now" aspects of the ruins. It also had a couple posters showing what historians believe it was used for. It was quite impressive.

Round Table Royalty

Here is the round table with Curwood Castle in the background. Also, the Royalty was around looking down upon us peasants, which is always a nice reminder.

These two ladies look familiar.


The Vikings were there was well, showing off there stuff. Here is a picture of some of their armaments.


I got a nice painting of a wolf howling at the moon on my arm. No I wasn't flexing for the picture, my arm looks like that naturally... I wish.

Also, there was much boffering to be done. I did pretty good, and took down a goodly amount of opponents. I'm a bit out of shape though, my arm really started hurting after a few hours. But, boy was it good to get back into sword combat.

At the end of the second day I was there to help friends pack up for there long drives home. I met some very charming ladies, and made some good friends. Hopefully, I'll be able to see them again before the end of the season. It was a very nice weekend and I wish there were more through the year.